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High performance
sports clothing

468Km2 is born in Andorra.

Its name corresponds to the surface of the country and its leitmotiv is to create a kit of sports and mountain clothing designed to provide maximum comfort and the highest performance, all designed, manufactured and tested in Andorra.

Created in and for the mountains sports

Following the instructions of x-sports athletes, the garments are designed to obtain the maximum performance to achieve the objectives. Starting a few tenths of a second is a victory and comfort in situations of extreme effort is a great advantage.

Brand deployment

DLAB together with the 468Km2 team was designed, created and programmed the deployment of branding:

_Desingning of the packaging,

_Creation, design and application of garment graphics,

_Creation, design and application of the collection graphics Soft-light seasonal.

_Graph of the triathlon athletes' garments


Work hard play hard

468Km2 has a clear conviction, to create a line of sportswear so that the runner can focus on his challenge, 468Km2 takes care of the rest.



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