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Three countries, two companies,

two multicultural teams

facing a challenge.

ABB is one of the few companies in the world that

manufactures technology for electrical generation

and industrial robotics.

ABB, Volvo Sweden and China

The challenge of manufacturing in China a Volvo car by the same quality as in Europe provide incredible results  in processes, innovation, management and above all, relationships between the people who made up the teams of each of the participating companies.

An incredible story that deserves to be told

Using a Case Study format, we articulate the way to explain what happened and what made it possible.

Accessible to all and example of many

DLAB together with the Global PM Press Automation Solutions we created the structure, and the appropriate format for internal and external distribution.

The people who compose the companies

The value of DLAB was translated into highlighting in a case study the relationship between people from different companies and from different cultures in favor of carrying out a common project .



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