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What is a Branding Atelier?

The Atelier

Many terms of French origin are used in Spanish. There are two obvious reasons for this: geographical proximity and the cultural influence of France on Spanish territory. The word atelier is a good example of this. This word means workshop, but it should be pointed out that it does not refer to any kind of workshop, but exclusively to the space used by artists to carry out their creative activity.

The term atelier is synonymous with artistic studio or workshop. In other languages, for example in English, the term workshop or atelier is used interchangeably.

What is an Atelier like?

Many artists develop their work in these private spaces dedicated to creation. The artist can work alone or with a series of disciples. In any case, in these workshops, all the necessary preparations are made to create a work of art. Thus, in a painting atelier, drawing sessions with life models, mixing of paints, preparation of sketches, etc. are carried out.

The concept of the atelier can be applied to a wide range of manual or craft activities: haute couture, photography, painting, sculpture, ceramics, etc. It could be said that this space is the artists' laboratory, where they experiment with raw materials related to art.

The Branding Atelier

To know what a Branding Atelier is, we must start by knowing what we mean by Brand.

A brand is not a logo, a brand is not a packaging, a brand is not an advertising campaign. A brand is not even what you think it is. A brand is what others think it is. It is an informed perception of how you are perceived, what feelings you arouse and what they say about you. In your business, nothing is more important than your brand, because it is precisely what defines you and encapsulates your very essence.

Brands are therefore held by people, including customers, staff and anyone else who comes into contact with them. The brand is the perception that people build from all the impacts you generate. It must therefore be a priority to build it, to protect it, to create interesting expectations and, above all, to satisfy them.

This is the function of branding: to create excitement through expectations and to culminate it with relevant brand experiences that, at the very least, fulfil those promises by generating close ties with the brand. Companies have to achieve positive opinions and this is achieved through positive actions. Perception management becomes a master key in branding, as it is responsible for achieving the necessary emotional connection with brands. And the reason for this is quite simple: many purchasing decisions have strong emotional connections.

The key to making emotions valuable is to integrate them into the very definition of the brand's purpose, promise and personality, as well as into the benefits the brand offers. Everything must be connected and oriented towards awakening positive emotions in customers. Products or services need to include an emotional dimension. We don't sell computers, we sell a window to the world; we don't sell ice cream, we sell a moment of freshness... Without a doubt, today it is necessary to sell something that improves people's lives in some way. To achieve this, we have to make them feel - not just think - that we are the solution to some of their problems.

In short, a Branding Atelier is a studio of craftsmen dedicated to building relevant brand experiences. And like any craft discipline, ours has a process and it starts from the definition of brand purpose, promise, personality (attributes) and benefits for customers and followers.

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